Une puce et ses futilités

So crazy!!!

Posted on: 20 septembre 2007

Even of the crazy past days.. Today was the craziest one!!! Craziest in the good way!!! You cannot imagine all good recognitions I got today! It was so.. YEAH!!! 😀

I guess that if the boss of my boss were my boss, I’ll get a promotion!! He found me amazing! He still not believing how I was working yesterday, running everywhere to help everyone for today and all the things I’ve done for getting all good for today!!!

After the big presentation day, everyone tell me that I was so helpful to everyone that I should ask a salary promotion!! It’s just so crazy to see how people like my way to work and how good they think I am.

I need to tell you something.. I like the drink night that follow big days like that!!! Everyone is so cool!! And it’s always funny to see people without any stress and some alcohol..hahaha 😆

After all day hearing and speaking english, even if i’m not bilingual, I was use to speak to people in english even if the meeting was finished! It’s a habit that I have! I guess someday if i’m use to speak english all day, I’ll very improve my english!

Good night!


3 Réponses to "So crazy!!!"

Désolé pupuce mais je ne lis pas l’anglais 😛

Bravo pour ce bon feedback, ça fait toujours du bien de savoir qu’on est utile, et surtout que les gens le remarque!

Max: C’est vrai, j’avais oublié que ça parlais français à NY 😛

Charlie: Merci! Mets-en que ça fait du bien!! 😀


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